Captain's Comics & Toys holds a holiday sale

Image by Flickr user clevercupcakes

Captain's Comics in West Ashley is holding a gigantic all-day sale on Saturday, December 11th, wherein nearly the whole store is discounted for all of your geek gift needs.

From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., everything except for new items (marked as such) will be 25% off.  If you've never been to Captain's, "everything" includes comics, trade paperbacks, collected hardcovers, toys, statues, collectibles, and t-shirts.  Back issue comics will be a whopping 50% off, and selected trade paperbacks will be on sale for $6.  If you fill a box of said back issues, you get an additional 20% off the lot. 

From Wolverine to Starscream, from Boba Fett to the X-Jet, from Dark Reign to Bruce Wayne, they've got you covered.  And if you get all those references, you should probably be there.

Captain's Comics & Toys is located at 1209-D Sam Rittenberg Blvd in West Ashley.  Call them at (843) 766-6611 for more details.