Design a better logo for the Coliseum and Performing Arts Center

Image by 20090403-coliseum.jpg Think you can do better? Let's hope so, 'cause this is what they've got now.

The North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center is currently holding a contest, open to the public, to see who can create the best new logos.

They're looking for not just one, but three new logos. One for the Coliseum, one for the Performing Arts Center, and a combined logo for both facilities. Entires will be accepted through April 17 with the winner being announced the week of April 20.

A brief chat with someone from the center revieled they're looking for something with a bit more "energy and edge," but they also said they're "100% open to any and all styles."

According to the official contest website, the winner will receive:

Acknowledgement on and in an ad in the Post & Courier. Two tickets to an upcoming event (to be chosen by NCC). And finally, a $50 gift certificate from Centerplate to be redeemed for food or beverages at the Coliseum & Perfroming Arts Center.

All entries must be sent to