At this theater you can have real food, alcohol

Image by stock.xchng user dansssworlImage by movie.jpg Cinebarre is redefining the whole concept of "dinner and a movie," and it'll be opening in Mount Pleasant soon.

Cinebarre, a movie theater chain that targets adults and offers food and drink services, opens today (June 27) in Mount Pleasant, where the Regal Mt. Pleasant 12 used to be on Houston Northcutt. The movie theater chain doesn't let anyone younger than 17 in without an adult, and those under 6 are out completely. Also, the theater serves your standard selection of nonliquor alcohol, for those who like a beer with their flick.

Check out their drink menu and food menu.

They're showing the standard set of new releases from about noon until 10 p.m.

Call them at 884-4900.

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