Neil Hamburger, America's Funnyman, to grace The Tin Roof

Image by Flickr user the_toe_stubber

Comedy nerds rejoice.  Neil Hambuger, "America's Funnyman," is playing West Ashley's own Tin Roof on Sunday, February 20th.

There's a chance you've seen or heard of Neil (a.k.a Gregg Turkington) from any number of places. He co-starred on an episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! as a cab driver, and also starred in his own failed spin-off gameshow as a result.  He's also toured with the duo, and appeared on their short-lived online talk show, Tim and Eric Nite Live.  He had an even longer run doing his companion show to Tom Green's online show, Poolside Chats with Neil Hamburger.  All these worlds collided once with chaotic results.

Despite recent alt-comedy acclaim, Neil has been doing his thing since the mid-90's, and deserves the attention.  His shows generally consist of a series of classic set-up/punchline bits railing against celebrities, interspersed amidst loud throat clearing and cocktail consumption.  Or, the occasional country song.  It's uncomfortable, cringe-inducing, and hilarious.  Between gigs, Neil runs a one-man slander campaign against every fast food chain and pop culture personality in the universe via his Twitter page.  Also, he has an iPhone app.

Supporting acts include local stand-up Jason Groce, and JP Inc (a.k.a. Pleaseeasaur).  The Tin Roof is located at 1117 Magnolia Road, and they can be reached at (843) 571-0775 for more details.