Catch a special screening of CIFF's best short films

Image by Flickr user practicalowl

If you missed the Charleston International Film Festival main event, don't worry -- on Wednesday, June 29th, you'll have the chance to catch encore screenings of festival short film award winners and audience favorites at Cinebarre in Mount Pleasant.

The programs will feature different films, but both sessions, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., include at least seven to eight short films of all genres in under two hours, making for a fun and unique film night out. Tickets are available at the Cinebarre box office for $8 on the day of or $7 in advance. You may also purchase tickets online.

Below are the short films scheduled for the evening:

7 p.m. Short Block

  • "Rooftop" - Music video with local musician Emily Hearn with an appearance by Bill Murray. 
  • "(Re)Discovering Don ZanFagna"  Internationally acclaimed local artist whose work has been featured in Charleston Magazine; this short documentary displays his work, which is being rediscovered and appreciated after 30 years. 
  • "The Tub" - Frannie (Dedee Pfeiffer) reluctantly relives her life and her lovers, guided by a mysterious woman whom she thinks she knows. 
  • "God and Vodka" -The story of a writer's final attempt to capture the words and memories, both touching and comedic, of a relationship that ended all too soon. 
  • "November" - From Norway, this story is to remember and to forget the loss of loved ones. A visual and symbolic journey. 
  • "The Buck Johnson Story" - A comedic short about a struggling writer, Dave, who feels the only way out of his Pork Pen job is this story about a wild redneck character, Buck F*@$in Johnson. 
  • "Place Stamp Here" - The world disassembles us and then puts us back together. This process repeats and repeats, and we are never quite the same as when we started. Then again, neither is the world. Animation by twins Joy Vaccese and Noelle Melody. 
  • "How Tourette’s Saved My Life" - Short comedy from local Art Institute student; this is a slice-of-life from a man who copes with Tourette's Syndrome and finds his outbursts saving his life.

9 p.m. Shorts Block

  • Theatre Marvelosa presents “Zee Hat!!” - Local group revels, set in a French Bistro, Ravello sings to Zee Hat!!, his prize possession, as Tanti Bacci tries to prove her love for him by vowing to retrieve Zee Hat when it is stolen by Ze Fox. 
  • "Saying Goodbye" - SC filmmakers present this story about a woman who has lost everything and moves into a southern nursing home where a cat with the ability to predict death along with a spunky fellow resident inspire her to enjoy living again. 
  • "The Perfect Hurl" - An innocent 14-year-old wanders around moonlit suburbia with his daredevil classmates. His first taste of trouble is one to savor. 
  • "Jeremy" - When his incarcerated father is transferred to a distant prison, 14-year-old Jeremy must face life alone with his game-show addicted brother and two violent older half-brothers. 
  • "The Story of Us" - "The Story of Us" is about a guy who finds himself blinded by his past love. 
  • "Atroz" - This comedy from Spain is about ‘Awful’, a singular teddy bear, a worn and curmudgeon one, whose owner is Luna, a little girl who has taken him as her best friend. 
  • "Sexting" - People are not who they seem to be when a misdirected text message leads a young woman to meet with the wife of her boyfriend and ask what is really going on in their relationship.