Charleston getting a vocal and acoustical treat with Andrew Bird, St. Vincent show

Image by St. VincentImage by 200901007-stvincent.jpg The video for Marrow.

Update October 13:

The Charleston City Paper was there; details.

First reporting:

First off, full disclosure: I'm a pretty big fan of both Andrew Bird and St. Vincent

Heck I even went to an Andrew Bird show in D.C. ... and I don't usually care for doing social things, so me going to a show says something. 

Both Andrew Bird and St. Vincent have a great ability to wrap their acoustics and vocals together. Check out the video of St. VIncent up top, and Andrew Bird below. -- Speaking of Andrew Bird shows, how can you not love anything with loops, a violin, and whistling?

But I'm not going to go into too much detail as The Charleston City Paper has already done a more than sufficient write-up on both (links are below).

So, I'll simply say the show is Monday, October 12, with the doors opening at 7 p.m. Tickets are $25 in advance or $25 the day of. But I've got a feeling there won't be any left. 

Without any further ado, get fully aquatinted with the artists in The Charleston City Paper's piece on Andrew Bird and their piece on St. Vincent