Enjoy the Old School Acoustic Stylings of Tenacious D (Update: No Myrtle Beach love?)

Update 2/19/2013: WKZQ called out the band on their slamming of Myrtle Beach on E Television's Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea Lately Guest Host Dave Grohl interviewed the band last week where they mentioned that Myrtle Beach hasn't been as embracing to them as Germany and Australia. Watch the video above to hear what they had to say when morning hosts Mase and Kinard called them out.

You can watch the original Chelsea Lately interview here.  Hat tip to Listen Up Myrtle Beach for the link.

First Report: A long time ago Jack Black and his 'brother' Kyle (Gass) were in a little band called Tenacious D and they sang a Tribute to The Greatest Song in the World.

After a long absence J.B and K.G are back! They've released a new album and are on tour. One of the stops on their 2013 tour? Myrtle Beach's House of Blues

Tickets are available on Friday, December 14th right here. The show is scheduled for Saturday, March 9, 2013. 

If your not hep to the D, check out some of their videos below.