Gotta hate the Relationshits

Local sketch-comedy group the Assorted Rogues presents "Relationshits" as it's last show before taking off to the big NYC.

Based out of Charleston's own Theatre 99, the Assorted Rogues serves as the bastard-sketch-group of the normally improv and stand-up centered Theatre 99.  But since the Rogues' typically perform to sold out crowds with tears streaming down their faces, there is no doubt: Nobody puts the Rogues in the corner.

Crossing any and every line possible, the Assorted Rogues' "take-no-prisoners" sketch-based comedy shows are infamous for their writing and multimedia ingenuity.  The Charleston City Paper describes their shows as "A multimedia experience," their combination of live performance, video, and yes, even a rousing rendition of a few Journey songs completes the gut-busting equation that is, the Assorted Rogues.  

Their new show "Relationshits" pokes fun at those awkward moments at the end of bad dates when you just want to run inside and hide under the covers.  Or when you kiss someone with breath so bad you almost vomit.  We've all been there.  The Rogues just make it seem a lot less painful, and a lot more funny.

Featuring the original Rogues' crew of Derek Humphries, Ally Bing, Dusty Slay, Jordan Reeves, and Andre Comfort, Relationshits will also be showcasing the talents of fellow 99'ers Andy Livengood, and Larry Periwyznik.

Seeing these guys perform this weekend is a must.  Not only because they're funny as hell, but also because this is the last time the whole crew will be together - for a while at least.  Rogue's writer and front man Andre Comfort is taking the show with him to New York City in June, and Relationshits serves as a last hurrah of hilarious debauchery before he takes on the Big Apple.

Luckily, the Rogues' will be performing Relationshits twice this weekend, so that doubles your chances of getting a laughter-induced hernia.  Shows start at 8 p.m. on Friday May 21st, and Saturday, May 22nd, and tickets are only $10.  As stated above, Rogues' shows typically sell out, so it's highly recommended to go ahead a purchase tickets online at Etix, or you can make reservations by calling Theatre 99 at (843)  853-6687.

You can also check out the Assorted Rogues' Facebook page here, as well as Theatre 99's website right over here.