Jake Morrill art show tonight at Alchemy Coffee Shop

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Artist Jake Morrill will be debuting his new works at Alchemy Coffee Shop this evening and you're all invited out to get the first look.

This evening, from 6 to 9 p.m. in Avondale's charming little coffee shop, Morrill's art will be on display, food and drink will be provided by both Alchemy and his sister, Chef Maya Morrill, and music will be provided by none other than Lindsay Holler.

Here's a bite more about Morrill, as told by his sister:

Jake Morrill was often lost in the red, yellow and green mountain woods of Berkshire county Massachusetts where he grew up. His love for meticulous details and rendering blossomed while sketching the fine cracks of fallen leaves. His love for art grew and with it a tight circle of artistic friends who were paramount in his development as an artist. Spray cans, art classes, and comic books were at the forefront. " I had friends who were years ahead of me talent wise. Always drawing, always making art, it was infectious and all I could do was improve."

In 2003 a tour of art schools brought Jake to a student exhibition at the University of Hartford. He describes the show as being "life changing" and he decided to attend the Hartford Art School the following year. He graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration.

Working as a freelance commercial Illustrator he found steady work with the Wall Street Journal. "It was a tremendous opportunity, but I only saw myself drawing sandwiches and rice cookers for so long. Something was missing. What's the purpose of an imagination if you aren't using it to tell a story." Jake brings his story to Charleston this January.

Over the last year Jake has been inspired by a deep connection to the natural world. And his new works represent a romantic nostalgia of all his life long interests.

If you can't make the art opening this evening, don't fret, Morrill's work will be on display for the entire month of February. 

Alchemy Coffee Shop is located at 11 Magnolia Road.