Nick Jenkins bringing a sort-of silent disco to Charleston's Hope & Union

First off let me clarify that this "silent disco" will be quiet to everyone that's not listening to drummer Nick Jenkins' disco. How? Headphones.

Yes everyone listening to the free event will need to have headphones on and bring a pair to Hope & Union Coffee to tune into music from the forthcoming "8 Bits + Pieces" on Thursday, August 26, from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

The event also serves as a release party for the new album.

Charleston Scene caught up with Jenkins about what exactly the plan is and where the idea came from; take a read of that piece here.

If you've never heard Jenkins before, you can get some idea of his style in this video of him performing last year, and check out the teaser audio clip from his new album below. 

Hope & Union is at 199 St. Philip Street.