The pissed off optimist: Lewis Black at the Performing Arts Center (updated)

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Update April 8: Just a quick reminder that the show is this Saturday and that tickets are still available.

First reporting: Lewis Black, the actor-author-comedian with some serious insight and love/hate relationship with America will be making an appearance at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center come April 10th.

Black may be best known for his work on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and his unforgettable quote, "Republicans are a party with bad ideas and Democrats are a party with no ideas." Black will bring is brash sense of humor to the stage for one night only, and tickets are on sale now.

See the man in action in these videos. Be warned, he has a very, very dirty mouth.

Don't miss this pissed-off optimist's show, it is sure to provide lots of cathartic laughs.