A six-course fresh noodle and beer dinner

O-Ku is hosting a "Noodle and Beer" dinner, bringing in guest chef Brian Riley of Noodlecat from Cleveland, Ohio, to help introduce Charleston to the deliciousness that are fresh noodles.

It's slated for Tuesday, February 26, at 7:30 p.m. and will run $48. Call (8430 737-0112 for reservations. Here's the lineup for the six courses:

  • 1ST COURSE: Dumplings with crispy chicken liver
  • 2ND COURSE: Cha-Soba Duck Salad with confit duck, scallions and coconut-curry dressing
  • 3RD COURSE: Tempura Soba Dori with tempura vegetable cake and warm bonito dashi
  • 4TH COURSE: Clams Udon with Sapelo Island Clams
  • 5TH COURSE: Mazeman Ramen with parmesan, dashi and six-minute egg
  • DESSERT: Tamago

O-Ku is at 463-A King Street.