Big beer fest coming to Columbia

Update January 24: If you've been debating on whether or not to go, The State has a fun, useful guide to the big fest. Go read it.

Oh, and here's links to the beer line-up and a map to the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

Online ticket sales have ended, but you should still be able to get them at the gate.

First reporting: After doing several beer festivals in North Carolina, All About Beer Magazine is bringing its World Beer Festival to Columbia on January 24.

And this isn't your grandma's beer festival, as it looks like they'll be taking advantage of South Carolina's recent relaxation of it's beer laws to bring you stiffer, more interesting beers.

Here's what they say:
Designed as a beer tasting, the World Beer Festival encourages small samples from a wide range of world-class beer styles. With different areas devoted to beer, entertainment, food, merchandise and relaxation, the festival creates a unique atmosphere that promotes responsible consumption in a relaxed, enjoyable setting. Our goal is that our guests leave the festival appreciating and understanding more about beer flavor and diversity.

Admission is $45 ($75 VIP). The event will be at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in downtown Columbia.

Thanks to The State for tipping us off.