Charleston's about to party for the 103rd anniversary of The Tunguska Event

On June 30th, 1908, the largest explosion in Earth's recent history occurred near the Tunguska River in remote Siberia.

A massive space rock traveling at a speed of 33,500 miles per hour plunged into the atmosphere before detonating in the sky, releasing energy equivalent to that of 185 Hiroshima bombs. Seismic shockwaves were registered as far away as England. There is no direct evidence that any humans perished. There are many theories abound as to what exactly happened, but we may never know the entire truth.

To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of this cataclysmic anomaly, Tivoli Studios & Garden will be hosting The Tunguska Event, a celebration of art, music, and mobile cuisine in an explosive setting on Thursday, June 30th, from 6 to 10 p.m. The South Carolina Broadcasters will play several sets throughout the evening, as live art demonstrations take place around the warehouse. Roti Rolls, Diggity Donuts, and Taco Boy will be on hand to feed you from their trucks. All of the artist studios at Tivoli will be open to the public.

Tivoli is located below the I-26 overpass on Upper King Street, across the street from the Recovery Room. Ample parking is available on both sides of our building. There will be a suggested donation of $5 for each attendee. 

The information above was pulled from the event's official Facebook invite. If you'd like to see who all is planning to attend (it's already up to 130 people at the time of this post) and score directions to Tivoli, click here.