Jim Rose's sideshow circus postponed (updated)

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Update August 5:

According to a press release spotted on The Music Farm's site, the Jim Rose Sideshow in postponed until later this year.

Why you ask? Check this press release out:

It is with our deepest regret to report the news that Jim Rose of Jim Rose Circus received a brutal beating with a metal chair, wielded by former WWE wrestler Kizarny, at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana this past weekend. "His already fragile neck has been injured even further," reported Doctors who have advised Jim to take the month off. The Jim Rose Circus Tour will be postponed until later this year. The Doctors say he should be healed and back on tour in September.

It's hard to tell how real this might be versus and embellished delay to the show, but here's a few more details.

Whatever the cause, the delay is real. So here's a video to entertain you in the interim:

First reporting:

The eccentric circus troupe led by ringleader Jim Rose is making a stop at the Music Farm on Saturday, August 8.

The bizarre and twisted show will include a human dart board, barbed wire, the world's largest albino Burmese Python and much more.

The Charleston City Paper has a preview of the show and what is in store at this out of the ordinary spectacle.