Really Really Free Market returns on the 19th

What's a Really Really Free Market? Well, it's kinda like a yard sale plus a fair, only it's all free.

It's also a great chance to part with things you don't need, or skills you're willing to share. And while you're there giving away things, you can swap some of your karma points for some free schwag. And with most events like this, it's also a bit of a cultural celebration. 

Here's details from the Facebook invite:

Another Really Really Free Market, coming up pretty soon, under the overpass by the recovery room!  Not only is this going to be a 6 hour event of giving, and taking of the goods, but there is going to be workshops, food, music, face painting, and a gift wrapping station!

There is room for more! If you have any activities, or music you want to put on for the event, contact or call Chantelle at (518)578-1689.

The market is Saturday, December 19, from noon to 5 under the overpass next to the Recovery Room in downtown Charleston.