Parking spaces into parks on National Park(ing) Day

Image by Flickr user kate at yr own riskImage by 20080915nationalparking.jpg So much fun, so little space.

Update September 19: Check out our video and story on the event.

Original post: Joining in with some 60 other cities, Charlestonians will turn a bit of asphalt parking into a grassy fun on Friday, September 19.

The event is part of National Park(ing) Day where public space, often in the form of parking spaces rented with quarters, are reimagined as grassy green parks. The event means to highlight urban parks and highlight the need for more parks.

In Charleston's case they'll be turning the parking lot at the corner of Church and Market streets into plethora of "mini-parks, including a farmer's market, a mini-dog park, music-in-the-park, and a ping-pong park." I'm glad they picked that spot, it's an area sorely in need of some green space.

The event goes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and if you want to help with the prep, they need volunteers to help set up from at 8 a.m. and volunteers to deconstruct after the event.

Get loads more details from their press release, or follow the event on Facebook.

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