Casting call for new reality show 'World's Strictest Parents' (back on)

Update January 22: And .... we're back on!

From an e-mailed press release:

Casting Producer, Kathie Kopa will be in the Charleston area January 27th through 30th to interview potential teens and parents.

Interested families can apply to be on the show by calling our hotline 888-41-TEENS (1-888-418-3367) or applying online at

Update January 21: And as quickly as it came, it went. The casting call has been canceled.

If you're devastated and still want to toss your name in the hat, you can contact them directly.

First reporting: The producers of "Supernanny", "It's Me or the Dog," and other shows are casting for a new reality show, "World's Strictest Parents," this Saturday, January 24, from noon to 2 at Frankie's Fun Park.

Here's details from an e-mailed press release:

Kids always think it's better at somebody else's house, always wish they had different parents. So here is their chance to get out of town for a week and have a new experience with great parents. Meanwhile, the host families will be helping viewers by demonstrating their expert parenting skills. Same spirit as "Supernanny" -- except the host parents are the supernanny in this show.

If you are or have a rebellious teenager between the ages of 15-18, and think you or your child would benefit living with some outstanding parents who already have well behaved teens of their own, or if you are parents who think they have what it takes to turn a rebellious teen around and staighten their act out. Well here's your chance for an amazing week long experience that can change a life for the good.

To apply on Saturday, January 24, examples of what makes you a rebellious teen or an outstanding parent. If auditioning for the host family, no single parents at this time and you must live in a house, not an apartment, due to size for production. Having teens of your own living in the house would be great too.

Frankie's Fun Park is at 5000 Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston.

The show is being produced by Ricochet Television.