CBX holds a free tasting, growler event, and glass giveaway with New Belgium Brewing

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The regular growler-fill-only Rare Beer Tuesday at Charleston Beer Exchange has been replaced, nay, usurped this week by a New Belgium Brewing extravaganza starting at 5 p.m.

Growler fills will still be at the center of the action, but the CBXers are throwing in a free tasting for all (of age) and a New Belgium globe glass giveaway with the growler fills.  The beers are some of the finest made by the Fort Collins, CO brewery. All are members of their limited Lips of Faith line of funktified, sourized, wild (and crazy) ales.  New Belgium reps will also be on hand to talk beer, dole out swag, and blend some of these beers in-house to create some very unique flavor experiences.

La Folie (6% ABV, A-, 100) is one of the quintessential American-made sours in this writer's opinon. Made in the style of a Flanders Red Ale, its character is almost candy-like, assaulting your tongue but then winning it back over with a sweetness you don't notice until your palate becomes accustomed to the tang. It's the Ike to your tongue's Tina*.

Le Terroir (7.5% ABV, A-, 99) is a dry-hopped sour, less pucker-inducing than La Folie and balanced by an incredible citrus bouqet from its hop profile.  One of my favorites from Brewvival.

Ooh La La (8.5% ABV, A-, not enough reviews for a Ratebeer score) is chock full of raspberry juice.  Unfortunately I don't know much more on this one, but who doesn't like raspberries?

Metric 10/10/10 (10% ABV, B, not enough reviews for a Ratebeer score) is a study in numbers.  Apparently a certain brewmaster at New Belgium is from real Belgium, and was a little miffed at giving up the metric system, so this beer acts as his homage to weights and measures. "This ale was brewed on 10-10-10 from 10 ingredients at 10:10 am then fermented in Fermentation Vessel #10 for 10 days resulting in an ABV of 10%...The 10 ingredients include a lager yeast, polish noble hops, multiple malts, black pepper and grains of paradise."  Wow.

Dunkelweiss (9% ABV, A-, 96) From New Belgium's own description: "Deep amber brown with a dense off-white head, Dunkelweiss rediscovers hefeweissbiers through a Belgian brewer’s lens. Envisioned by our own Matty “Smooth” Gilliland, this beer opens with sweet clove, chocolate and banana notes that give way to a warm finish with a peppery tingle across the palate."

Charleston Beer Exchange pumps up the volume at 14 Exchange Street downtown.

*We here at TheDigitel in no way support spousal abuse, only metaphors that refer to spousal abuse.  About beer.

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