Grab some authentic Japanese Ramen this weekend at The Remedy Market

XBB presents the second installment in a series of monthly ramen dinners this Saturday, hosted by The Remedy Market.

This time around they take an inspirational visit down to the Kansai region of Japan and offer the unique regional style of tenri-ramen.  With a shoyu and chicken based broth seasoned with bacon and garlic, it's served with sliced pork belly and kimchi. Per usual, there will be options for all vegan and vegetarians.

So take a break from the inevitable rain this weekend, and stop by Remedy for a bowl.  The fun starts at 6.30 p.m. and goes until they sell out. As always The Remedy Market will have lots of great beers to offer, and in addition there will be sake and bubble tea.

Remedy is located on 162 Spring Street in downtown Charleston. For more info check out or find xbb on Facebook.

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