Lowcountry BBQers head to Hickory Hawg BBQ

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It's true, I have a weak spot for BBQ.

So that's probably why I feel compelled to plug these Lowcountry BBQ meet ups so often. I'll be honest, the group is a bit heavy on the geek side (though they're a friendly bunch). But even if you don't want to come eat some 'Que with them, let them be your guide as they tend to pick out the better BBQ joints in town.

They also have a rather nice Web page that'll connect you to the best Lowcountry BBQ spots and their other social media presences.

But enough hem and haw, the next gathering is at Hickory Hawg BBQ on Friday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m.

Here's details, from the Facebook event page:

Our next meatup is at the Hickory Hawg BBQ joint over on Johns Island where they slow cook pork butts over guess what?.. Hickory wood! They're suppose to have a really good vinegar/pepper sauce, so if you're a fan of NC style BBQ, best come and join us.

I've heard good things about this place - just check out this review:


Hickory is at 2817 Maybank Highway on Johns Island.



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