New beer from COAST Brewing debuts at Charleston Beer Exchange

Image by Robert Donovan

Team CBX used this week's 5 p.m. Rare Beer Tuesday timeslot to unleash the latest new seasonal from COAST Brewing:  the Belafonte.

No doubt inspired by their love of The Life Aquatic, the Belafonte is the North Charleston brewery's first attempt at a Belgian-style ale. But, as is often the case for COAST, they've innovated beyond the standard and created something quite unique.

Here's part of the description from their blog:

It is a beautiful golden color with a white, fluffy head. Some nice phenols combine with a light, wheaty malt backbone. Considerable hops and the nice Belgian tang bring it all home. So drinkable at 5.7% and perfect for this summery spring weather.

The malt bill is all organic, featuring 60% Pilsner & Carapils malts and 40% wheat.  The hops are 100% Czech Saaz, a noble hop with bright & sharp taste famously used in Czech-style pilsners.  So to recap, this is a Belgian Pale Ale...with 40% wheat...and loaded with Czech hops.  Why didn't I think of that?

Charleston Beer Exchange was last seen at 14 Exchange Street downtown. COAST Brewing is located at 1250 N 2nd Street in North Charleston -- not that you can taste or buy any beer there...yet.

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