Rare Beer Tuesday promises a Happy Ending

Image by Flickr user Speed-Light

This Tuesday at 5 p.m., head down to the Charleston Beer Exchange for their second consecutive Georgia-based Rare Beer Tuesday with Sweetwater Brewing's Happy Ending.

Here's the brewer's description via the CBX blog:

It’s nice to be able to finally brew some beer without restrictions on it. We came from Colorado where we could brew or try anything. We’ve been waiting 7 years to make a stout and we harnessed all that frustration into this batch of beer.

We didn’t get caught up in the parameters of a specific style we just brewed a big fat hoppy beautiful beer. The timing of the law change couldn’t have been better for us, because it has taken until this summer for us to get set up in our new brewery. We finally have some capacity to experiment with some new style. This could lead into a seasonal offering from us in the future. For now we’re just glad we can satisfy the demands of the folks who have been on us since day 1 to make a stout.

Sweetwater is excited about this, and you should be too.  It's a 9% ABV dry-hopped imperial stout, with a B+ from BeerAdvocate and a 94 from Ratebeer.  Unlike some other brews in their seasonal "Catch and Release" lineup, you won't see this in bottles nearby, so this is your chance to take it home.

Charleston Beer Exchange can be found at 14 Exchange Street downtown.



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