To make way for Trader Joe's, Hungryneck Antique Mall closes down

Image by Hungryneck Antique Mall

Update February 5: With the antique mall now closed, The Post and Courier caught up with property owner Mike Page about the end of an era.

If you're sad to see the store go, it's well worth a read; do so here.

At the bottom of that post is also a few scant details about a new antique mall that is probable to open in Mount Pleasant. 

Update January 23: NBC News 2 made it out for the auction and has a short bit of video.

Take a gander here.

First reporting: You've probably noted how the site where the Mount Pleasant Trader Joe's is due to go is already occupied by the multi-vendor Hungryneck Antique Mall.

Well, vendors been there for the last couple of decades and the store currently holds some 60 vendors and their stuff needs to go, and it needs to go by Saturday, January 22.

NBC News 2 caught up with some of the merchants about what's happening and whether they'll auction their merchandise or move; check out the video here.

If you'd like to try and snag a deal, get to 401 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard by 9:30 a.m.