Have a say in name of S.C.'s new standardized testing

If you hadn't heard, a new standardized testing is coming to South Carolina schools. Now the state has announced that you can have a say in which name they use.

PAL – Palmetto Assessment of Learning
PASS – Palmetto Assessment of State Standards
SCYE – South Carolina Yearly Evaluation
STARS – State Test of Achievement and Readiness for Success
STEP – State Test of Educational Progress

Personally, I'm picking "SCYE" so everyone can struggle with pronunciation. (Is it schye? Sceeee? Skay?)

The new test is being made after the General Assembly gave the boot to PACT. The press release state:
The new law eliminates PACT and replaces it with new end-of-year accountability tests that feature “essay” exams in March and more easily scored multiple-choice exams in May. Schools will get final results within a few weeks of the May tests, compared to late July with PACT.

State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex said (and we can't tell how serious he was) that these three names didn't make the cut to be on the ballot.

SWEPT – So We Ended PACT Testing
SALSA – State Assessment of Learning and Student Achievement
TNT – The New Test

I really wish politicians would stop trying to have a sense of humor.

The last day to vote is September 1 at 5 p.m. A winner will be announce on September 3.

Go and vote.

Thanks to Live 5 News for tipping us off.