Call us Southern fried (update: Or is it smoked? Heat index due for 117)

Image by Flickr user Narrow

Update July 13: Well, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's heat index of 114 because today we're due to slide up a couple more notches to 117.

Not only are we to broil thanks to the persisting mass of high pressure, but we're due for some more smokey skies around 1 p.m. and then possible thunderstorms from 3 to 5ish.

But don't worry too much, after the cruel weather gods are done baking, smoking, and basting us, tomorrow brings thunderstorms as a cold front tries to work its way in — that will limit the heat index Thursday to around 104 or so and bring intense afternoon thunderstorms. 

And the National Weather Service expects those storms are expected to hang around for the weekend before the oppressive heat returns. 

First reporting: After a heck-of-a-hot Monday in Charleston, the temperatures will be getting more intense (and dangerous) today and Wednesday.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a hot one and says, "The big story is the heat, of course, with forecast heat indexes in the 109 to 114 degree range with most areas close to 110 degrees."

We'll be above a 100-degree feel by 11 a.m. and stay above until 7 p.m., with the worst hitting around 3.

And tomorrow will likely be much the same, with both days having a slight chance of sporadic storms. 

The services continues to warn that "the combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible. Drink plenty of fluids, stay in an air-conditioned rooms, stay out of the sunshine, and check in on relatives and neighbors."

As solid advice as ever.

And keep that umbrella close; storms are expected to roll back on Thursday.