Get primed on the candidates for the 1st Congressional District (Updated)

Image by WTOC 11

(Update 2 at the bottom; jump to it.)

Although Tuesday, March 19, isn't the election, it is the primary and with 18 candidates running it will decide much.

WTOC 11 has filed a video report on the wide field and the general confusion amongst voters in the 1st Congressional District in Beaufort, Colleton, and Jasper counties; check out that video up top or over here.

The station has also compiled a quick sheet with brief bios and links for each candidate, it's enough to get you started on figuring out the candidate you'd like to see in office.

Update 1, March 17: The Post and Courier also offers pre-primary coverage with basics on Tuesday's voting.

The paper's also offers profiles of each candidate; find those here.

If you're not sure where to vote, you can use the State Election Commission's online tool.

Republicans will almost surely be headed for a runoff on April 2 — the field of 16 candidates almost surely means none will capture 50% of the vote Tuesday.

Update 2, March 18: Patch provided questionnaires to the 16 Republican candidates about their biggest issues and how they would tackle it; Read their answers here.