#OccupyMYR (Update: citizen reports)

Poster Courtesy: OccupyTogether.org

Update 10/24: Some Myrtle Beach citizens have posted their reports of the first meeting.

John Hawkins posted "The First Occupy Myrtle Beach Protest" on RightWingNews.com and Ken Lee has written this post on Demotix.com. It's great to get photos and perspectives like this and it's why we have the Open Community here on our site.

Update 10/23: The first general assembly meeting for Occupy Myrtle Beach was a success in the eyes of event organizers. 

BothThe Sun News and WMBF News have write-ups on this past Saturday, October 22nd meeting. Also new local blog, Home Grown Zine sat down with some of the local youngest Occupy participants in a 'Meet the Children of Occupy Myrtle Beach.'

CarolinaLive reported that there were at least 50 participants in this weekends protest. You can watch their YouTube video directly below:

Another meeting is scheduled for next Saturday, October 29th. Hop on over to their Facebook Event Page for let them know if you'll be attending. 

Update 10/18: The Sun News has a write up about the upcoming Saturday, October 22nd general assembly meeting for the Occupy Myrtle Beach demonstration. 

The Sun News piece doesn't really have any new details regarding Saturday's meeting; however, there is information about this past weekend's Columbia protest and the upcoming 99 hour protest down in Charleston

Additionally, despite some regional blog claims that the Columbia protest was a dud about 75 Occupy protesters were still at the State House as of Monday, October 17th camping out over the weekend and beyond. Columbia protesters say they plan to be there "indefinitely"

For the best coverage regarding the Occupy Charleston protest might we sugest checking out our sister site TheDigitel Charleston.

We'll keep you updated on any news about the Occupy Myrtle Beach movement, also keep the comments below coming -we love comments! But please be considerate and lets have a productive discussion. 

First Report 10/13: The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread far and wide across the county. Demonstrations have sprung up at over 70 U.S. cities and is now looking to spread across the globe

A local Facebook group called Occupy Myrtle Beach has been gaining momentum and plan on meeting this Saturday, October 22nd. While the groups event page states that this is just a meeting to discuss the direction of the group, it is unclear if a full demonstration is planned for that day.

Local media has picked up on the rumblings of an Occupy Myrtle Beach protest. Check out WBTW's report on the Occupy movement that is burgeoning locally, also new local website The Home Grown Zine has a poll question asking if you would participate in an Occupy Myrtle Beach demonstration.  

We have emailed the contact for the Occupy Myrtle Beach Facebook page but have received no word back. 

What is the purpose of the  Occupy  movement?

According to Occupy Wall Street's Wikipedia entry, it can be best summed up as: 

The participants of the event are mainly protesting against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government, among other concerns.

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