Free rides on TriCounty Link's new bus service

[gmap markers=green::33.199625968296324,-80.013427734375 + 33.04781007347206,-80.03265380859375 |markers=small blue::32.9464537926927,-80.03814697265625 + 32.849596091025155,-79.97772216796875 + 32.79420130379319,-79.94476318359375 |markers=orange::33.112248870481594,-80.31280517578125 + 33.02708758002874,-80.1837158203125 |zoom=9 |center=33.00866349457555,-80.13153076171875 |width=220px |height=250px |control=None |type=Map]Green shows the coming Moncks Corner route, and orange shows the coming Ridgeville route. The small purple dots show how the routes will then continue.

TriCounty Link is now linking up four towns with the rest of the Charleston area, by hooking up with the Charleston CARTA bus system.

The system works by getting folks from more rural areas to CARTA's transportation hubs where they can then go to anywhere CARTA does.

Today though November 30 you can park and ride for free at any of the five "points of origin." Also, check out their routes and times on their Web site.

One-way tickets will cost $2.25 once the free period is over.

A round-trip ticket should cost less than $5.