Jersey Shore cast member in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break (Update: Tweets, pics and posts)

Instagram user natasha92smith

Update march 9th, 2012: The Aftermath....

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Update March 8, 2012: For those brave souls looking to party with the gel-haired celebrity: tweet us some pics.

First Report: Jersey Shore cast member, Pauly D, will be in Myrtle Beach with his rhinestone bedazzled MacBook on March 8, 2012, hosting a Spring Break party at Club Boca. 

We're not going to slip on our trashy Spring Break reputation this year, kids!

There's only a couple vague details on the Club Boca website and I couldn't get an answer at 843-444-3500. Pauly's big picture can be seen flashing on the Broadway at the Beach marquee beside Bypass 17, which surely violates some City of Myrtle Beach community appearance board ordinance.