Media round-up: Mixed reports on spring bike rallies

Flickr user Mike

After months of commotion and anticipation, another spring rally is behind us. Was all the time we spent preparing (or dreading in some locals' cases) worth it?

A couple of different reports and perspectives give us the impression that the whole thing was so-so if not a little bit "meh." One thing is for certain, the weather was not pro-biker this year. 

The Sun News report is probably the most positive outlook. According to their sources, business and attendance was up across the board. You can read more here

WBTW reported a different angle where vendors seemed overall disappointed in attendance and sales. Some blamed the confusion over dates as well as the efforts of local governments to stifle the biker's activities. More details are here.

What about the locals in the trenches: our service industry workers? Well Myrtle Beach Restaurant News posted another Sassy Server column that says she had more trouble from belligerent locals than leather clad tourists. Read all about it.

Finally, what about the extra long Bike Fest  that was planned to start this weekend? Well it's been a complete flop. WPDE gets props for using the "#fail" hashtag in their headline.  With corroboration from WBTW that "zero" bikers attended.