Upscale market, cafe is good, needing improvement

On of the new places in town to broaden your food horizons, Caviar & Bananas, is trying to bring the upscale market and cafe experience to downtown Charleston.

The catch is that it isn't cheap. Expect to pay around $9 a pound for many non-meat centric prepared items and around the same for a sandwich. Not too expensive by any means, but it sets up certain expectations. Most of which are met, but the new restaurant is still struggling to meet some.

Charleston Chow discusses some:
... all the food was solid, but nothing was remarkable. ...

For these prices, Caviar & Bananas is going to have to dig a little bit deeper to find its best service groove. Fully aware of Ulak's talents (he described his broad Prepared Food Selections as a complete representation of his culinary professional career), I'm confident they'll get there. I'm guessing such an expansive menu is putting some hefty demands on maximum quality control that will get rectified in time. In the meantime, Caviar & Bananas is to be lauded for being the cleanest and most savory smelling restaurant I've entered in a long time.

It's a good space, good location and good food. Let's just hope they can get some of the kinks ironed out.

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Their list of offerings include: prepared foods, charcuterie and artisanal cheeses, coffee and tea bar, sushi, salads and sandwiches, packaged foods, wine, beer, breads, pastries, and baked goods. Or, check out their menus.

They also offer various services, such as catering, personal shopping, and delivery.

They're located at 51 George Street near the college.