Be a better steward and learn about the ACE Basin

Image by TheDigitelImage by 20080918marsh.jpg Get out and learn about the nature in your area.

Though the series is designed for all the right reasons, it still actually manages to be a good time.

The ACE Basin Seminar Series is run by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and aims to make better environmental stewards out of us by exposing us to our -- you guessed it -- natural resources. See what I said about "all the right reasons"? But as they take folks out to see loggerheads, Gullah heritage, night sounds and more, all while taking in the stunning view of the ACE Basin.

OK, maybe it's not that sexy sounding of a time, but it's a great way to get out into the Lowcountry without planning your own hiking route. Also, did I mention they're free?

Here are some of the upcoming events:

Wetlands and Night Sounds of Donnelly Wildlife Management Area - September 18
Birding by Boat in the ACE Basin - September 22
Traditions of the South: Canning in the Lowcountry - October 15
Coastal Butterflies and Tagging - October 29
Marine Turtle Conservation in South Carolina; A Collaborative Effort - November 3
Rice Cultivation and Gullah Heritage of the Lowcountry - November 12
Birding at Santee Coastal Reserve - December 3

Head over to their Web site to register for events and learn more. Registration opens 30 days before the event, and be sure to register early as many events fill up early.