Charleston's Green Plan to get a vote today, December 15

Image by TheDigitel

The big day is here for the Charleston Green Committee's Green Plan.

Today, December 15, the plan will go before city council to be voted on, and likely receive a bit of criticism as area real estate leaders have denounced several key elements of the plan

If you'd like to attend the hearing, it's scheduled for the 5 p.m. council meeting at 80 Broad Street in downtown Charleston.

If you're not yet familiar with the plan, you can read it here.

Here's all the details on today's meeting from an e-mailed release:

Tuesday, December 15 will be a momentous occasion for the Charleston community. On that day, the Charleston Green Committee (CGC) will present its 180-page plan for a more sustainable community to the Charleston City Council. Members of the council are expected to vote on whether or not to accept the plan during that session.

The CGC’s Green Plan – the result of almost two years of work by more than 800 volunteers from throughout the community – includes recommendations that target the reduction of Charleston's greenhouse gas emissions and outline more sustainable practices for citizens, businesses, institutions and city offices.

Officially entitled the Climate Protection and Sustainability Plan, this document’s recommendations were developed by six subcommittees that specifically focused on better buildings, cleaner energy, improved transportation, zero waste, sustainable communities, and educational outreach. Throughout the process of preparing these recommendations, subcommittee members studied best practices from around the nation and tailored them to meet Charleston’s unique challenges. Expert advice and community input have both been vital to the process, which has resulted in a roadmap that will enable citizens to create a more sustainable community and significantly enhance quality of life over time.

Founded in 2007 out of a shared concern for the future of this community, the CGC is primarily a citizen-supported group, though City staff members have provided valuable support and guidance. The City of Charleston’s inventories of its own greenhouse gas emissions confirm that this community needs to take decisive action. Those measurements indicate a 25-percent increase in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 should no action be taken and the current rate of emissions continue.

If the City Council adopts the CGC’s plan, it will pave the way for Charlestonians to do their part in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. By enacting this plan, Charleston will follow the global consensus in setting a long-term goal of reducing overall emissions. In this community’s case, the goal is to lower emissions to 83 percent of the 2002 levels by 2050. More details about the actual goals and recommendations may be found online within the plan.