Let your inner caveman loose at the New Primal Games

Image by http://www.facebook.com/#!/thenewprimal The New Primal Games

Are you ready to put your fitness training to the test?  How well has your hard work translated into functional fitness?  In the New Primal Games, individuals and teams take on a series of fun, Primal-inspired challenges. 

Each event in the Games is designed to test the physical fitness and mental resilience of each participant.  Prizes from our various sponsors will be awarded to top performers in the competitive category, while the "just for fun" category will be scaled so as to be accessible to anyone willing to "Live Primal." The New Primal Games will be open to all competitors ages 15 and up and we will have a separate kid's Primal Games that will take place prior to the adult competition on the morning of June 25th.
The adult games will consist of multiple events; each event containing its own set of tasks.   Events will include a trail run/obstacle course, sandbag "carcass" carry, "stone" throw, "log" lift, jumping and climbing all put together in ways to test your overall "Primal" fitness.
The team competition will total up scores of the top performers from each represented gym, bootcamp or tribe and culminate in the final event where each team will come together to work as a group.

The Games are a one day celebration of all things Primal.  Beginning in the early morning (Registration at 7 a.m., first event start at 8 a.m.) and wrap up late in the afternoon (3-4ish) with an awards ceremony to recognize the winners of their respective categories (categories will be separated by age/gender).

We look forward to meeting your inner caveman.  Keep up with us on our Facebook page for continual updates!