Warfare 5, Sunday at the Palace Theater

Flickr User: Stefan Tell

Warfare MMA returns this Sunday, June 3, 2012 to Myrtle Beach at the Palace Theater.

The Palace Theater marks Warfare's third venue in a little over a year of existence, "In May of 2011, the newly formed fight promotion held their inaugural fight card at the Convention Center, but when scheduling problems started popping up they were forced to find a new venue in order to keep on schedule with the ISKA Grand Prix," so Warfare found a new spot, the X Sports complex. The next bout in September was part two of the Grand Prix and that event saw 1,250 people who filled the warehouse.

The new home, while spacious, was not ideal. It had, "only 2 port-a-johns and no air conditioning." Again in December of 2011 scheduling issues arose and the 1,600 fight fans were forced back in the warehouse to watch the action, this time there was no heat. However that night in December there was a Palace Theater employee in the crowed and just after Christmas, Warfare had a new place to call home. 

via WarfareMMA.com

On March 11th 2012 Warfare 5 was held before a live audience of 1,750 strong and they viewed 15 amazing fights and did so in style and comfort. When I asked Andy about the different venues he had this to say, “You know, I am truly convinced that because of the love this community has for its fighters, I think I could put these fights on in Tilley swamp in the middle of the night and we would have an amazing turn out, but our fans here are great and they deserve to have the best available venue to watch their fighters perform.” I prodded a little further and asked if we might see another change of location anytime soon, “You know, as we grow, venues start to see the size of the following we have and there’s power in that, if you can bring this crowd to a venue there is economic potential for the venue and others also, we have been contacted in the past few weeks by another venue that fits the criteria that I want in a venue for our fans, so only time will tell.”

Doors open at 5 p.m. and bouts begin at 6 p.m. You can get your tickets over at WarfareMMA.com or at PalaceTheaterMyrtleBeach.com 


  • Chris Myers vs. Chris Rivera
  • Jeremiah Scott vs. Dreon Martin
  • Kreed Bateman vs. Brandon Lawson
  • Aubrey Rion vs. Cody Frye
  • Ben Willard vs. Eric Snyder
  • Andy Nguyen vs. Nadia Nixon
  • Justin Sumter vs. Moses Reyes
  • Cody Jones vs. J.R. Rumley  SC ISKA 170lb. State Championship
  • Derek Brown vs. John Vernon SC ISKA 205lb. State Championship
  • Robert Smith vs. Joe Ray  SC ISKA Interim Heavyweight Championship
  • Nick Whesley vs. Somner Martin ISKA South Eastern Regional 155lb. Championship