Charleston loves the 80s?

Image by Flickr user merwing little dearImage by 20091102-fire.jpg Sigh. You're playing with fire.

I'm really not OK with the whole resurrection of the '80s fashion trends ... doesn't anyone remember that horrible decade where neon colors were too new to be used in moderation?

But, I digress.

Like it or not, it looks like the era is upon us once again and theĀ Charleston City Paper has put together a collection of pieces on its resurrection.

Sure, much of it isn't trull "local," but if you can't get enough of the era of apexed with Hypercolor, then it's a good orientation to how this city is changing.

Check it out over here.

They do, however, get bonus points for profiling a local kid that can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than 16.35 seconds.

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