Google offers up walking tours, we see what they suggest for Charleston

Though its been around for six months, Google City Tours has been adding features pretty regularly and has really started to mature.

So ... we thought it was about time we'd play fake tourist and see what Google thought was worth checking out in the Holy City.

We recorded a quick video walkthrough that you can watch up top, but for those of you with a fear of videos we've got some lovely text below.

The product is fairly simple in that you start by just punching in where you'll be and Google will come back with a walking tour for three different days, recommending spots to eat during your journey.

The engine excels at finding good spots to see, but not necessarily taking the most scenic routes and has a bad habit of ignoring popular areas that aren't landmark rich -- that means few trips down King Street, little time on the Battery, and lots of time walking down busy four-lane meeting street.

Also disappointing is that Google Street View isn't included so you can't easily pre-check out an area.

That said, it's interesting and had many good suggestions, just use it as input for your tours and not the sole decision maker, unless you like seeing lots of cars.

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