Citadel professor part of NASA's mission to find water on the moon

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Luke Sollitt, an assistant professor of physics at The Citadel, has been working with NASA on their mission to the moon that launches this Friday, October 9.

Sollitt and NASA are shooting a spent rocket into a giant crater located on the moon's South Pole to see if there is a chance that any water might be there. If any water or ice is found, the possibility of building lunar base for astronauts could become a viable option.

The Post and Courier has an interesting piece on both Sollitt and the moon mission that is worth the read.

Also, check out The Citadel's press release for info on public discussion going on the university tonight, October 8, and a watch party going on Friday morning.

If you just want to do a little more reading about the mission itself, The Guardian has a nice piece.

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