Look slightly up for the best, most overlooked parts of King Street

Image by Flickr user Paul-W One of my favorites, near the corner of Calhoun Street on King Street.

King Street is filled with options for restaurants, shopping, general site seeing, and much like the rest of Charleston — lots of great old buildings.

But unlike many other parts of old Charleston the buildings run smack dab together and, if you can take your eyes off the crowded sidewalks and look up, you'll notice our town has lots of great cornices at the top of many a building.

As tribute to that (and a visual treat for you) Charleston journalist Erica Jackson Curran has put together a photo roundup of some of her favorite cornices at her blog, Whiskey Kittens.

Go on and take a gander.

If you dig, go outside for a walk and take them in, or get academic and checkout the book "Cornices of Charleston."

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