Tracking down Charleston's best french fries

Image by Ken Hawkins/TheDigitel The Patat Spot's "patat orlog," think: gravy + mayo + onions = yum.

The Holy City is known for many a tasty thing from beer, to shrimp and grits, to oysters, and normally you wouldn't think french fries would rank high, but Charleston has more than a few spots to compete.

Pcitured up top are the Dutch street-food styled offerings from Patat Spot, and La Fourchette's frites fried in duck fat are borderline legendary — but there's much more, and Eater Charleston wants to help you get more tasty fried spuds in your belly, in part:

Fries are awesome, fries are crave inducing, and fries are diet busters. We won't think about that now, though, we'll think about that tomorrow. For now, let's talk about the dreamiest, tastiest, and most delicious fries in Charleston. 

Take a read of Angel Powell's post over here.

Also making Powell's list are The Macintosh, Carolina's, 'Cesca, and The Tattooed Moose, personally I'd also give an honorable mention to the turffle oil fries at Coleman Public House.

What say you? Where are your favorite spuds?

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