Charleston's newest food blog: Dinner on Thursday

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Chris is a man who describes himself not as a foodie, but as "a software engineer living in Charleston, SC."

Yet all the same he's now the man behind the area's newest restaurant review site

Are his views on local restaurant particuarly insightful? No, and though he has a few hits here and there, it's not the insights that make his blog worthwhile. Much like getting dinner on Thursday with some friends, the site is as much about connections and narrative as the food itself.

The site is a bit of live novel, or window into Chris's life. As such, you can probably get a bit of interaction with Chris by asking questions about Charleston's food scene and getting informed responses.

If you're don't have a streak of foodie in you, you probably won't care about another food blog. But if you do have such a streak, give his blog a chance, you might just find yourself learning about some local restaurants while learning about one of your digital neighbors.

Go on and take a look at Dinner on Thursday.

Oh, and if you happen to be dining on Upper King tonight, keep an eye out for them.

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