Charlie Magazine reports on the opening barrage of the Wine + Food Festival

Image by Karson Photography

Adam Close’s (Blossom) sausage en croute brought you back to your epitomized version of bologna sandwiches when you were a kid. Frank Lee’s (Maverick) butternut squash soup with delicious candied crunchies on top was a warm holiday in your mouth on a cold night. He also came up with our new favorite pairing: duck with black figs. Bob Carter’s (Penninsula Grill) bacon marmalade should be canned, mass produced and slathered on biscuits immediately. Jeremiah Bacon’s (Carolina’s) decadent pork with bone marrow bread pudding was also a standout. Yes, “bone marrow” bread pudding sounds pretty gnarly, but adventurous souls had the last laugh.

Still on the fence about heading out to tonight's installment of the Charleston Wine + Food Festival?

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