Lowcountry BBQ: Getting to know four great out of the way spots

Image by Scott's Bar-B-Q Scott's BBQ is legend.

One of the top things any newcomer to the Lowcountry should learn is the best BBQ is often found far from your urban or suburban home. 

And we've logged plenty of entries and photos about the region's best (Scott's, Sweatmen's, and Po Pigs: I'm definitely counting you in).

But even once you've been told this indispensable fact, it can take some time to orient yourselves with the different styles and offerings of these remote spots — Scott's is a 90 minute drive from downtown Charleston.

If you find yourself in the eager, yet needing education category, check out Sandy Lang's piece for Charleston Magazine as she profiles Scott's, Sweatmen's, Po Pigs, and Polks.

In part:

Sure, you can find Carolina-style barbecue within the urban boundaries of Charleston. But these are the drive-to-the-source kinds of food excursions—destination road trips an hour or two into the countryside for “BBQ” or “bar-b-que” by the foam plate-full, piled beside rice and beans or soft bread and pitchers of icy, syrup-sweet tea. So leave the hurrying behind and do this right. Let’s go.

Take a read over here.

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