Muscadines: The grape of the South also caries a bit of its soul

Image by Flickr user lucianvenutian If that photo doesn't make you long for warmer days ...

Squire Fox has penned a nice piece about the Lowcountry's abundanat muscadine vines and how the little-know vines have a rich tradition about them.

She shares a personal account, in part: 

Tom says muscadines are the sodium pentothal of the South. When guests come to pick grapes, it’s not long before they’re blurting stories. They can’t help it. Some are pretty straightforward: “My great-uncle used to grow muscadines….” Others might begin on a nostalgic note, “I had a girlfriend once,” and go on to recall certain events in the grape arbor.

You can read the full piece over at Charleston Magazine.

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