Where the sauce is: BBQ styles across the U.S.

Image by Flickr user ChrysImage by 20090516-mustard.jpg Mustard and vinegar: If yellow weren't a cowardly color, we'd be calling ourselves "the yellow state."

From a "Taxonomy of America's Regional BBQ Sauces:"

In South Carolina barbecue is not chicken, burgers, hot doges, ore even ribs. Barbecue is pork, often whole hog, cooked low and slow, and chopped or pulled into succulent shards, and crowned with sauce.

If that sentence makes your mouth water, well you better hope you live in the Charleston area where the style is ripe.

But we must remember not all are so fortunate, and Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn has given us a nice rundown of the many parts of the United States that are still yet to realize the wonder of vinegar and mustard on pork.

Go take a read.

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