Lowcountry Local First presents: The Eat Local Challenge

Lowcountry Local First is offering the Eat Local Challenge as part of its Eat Local Month this April. 

The Eat Local Challenge calls for participants of all ages to increase their local food activity by 10% this month. Suggested ways of doing so include, but are not limited to, taking a trip to the Farmers Market to pick up some locally grown produce or dining at select restaurants known for using fruits and vegetables from nearby farms. 

The challenge is broken up into three tiers ascending in difficulty, offering accessibility to anyone no matter comitement level.

The "Planting the Seeds" section is made up of smaller, easier requirements such as buying a never-before-tried fruit or vegetable and preparing it for a meal, while one of "Growing Roots'"' demands asks partakers to allocate at least 10% of a grocery budget to local food. "Bountiful Harvest" is the most stringent level, in part requiring challengers to invest in community shared agriculture, such as a fishery or beef share, just to name a couple.

The challenge tier breakdown and list of requirements can both be viewed in full by clicking here. 

A local chef's challenge will also take place as part of the Eat Local Challenge, imploring eateries to implant special plates comprised at least of 75% local foods into their menus to be offered for the month. Some participating favorites include: Ted's Butcherblock, Social, Slightly North of Broad, Monza, Two Boroughs Larder, High Cotton and Fleet Landing. A full list of restaurants that have accepted the challenge can be found by clicking here and scrolling down. ELC participants, as well as anyone else in the community, can vote for their favorite dishes at participating restaurants by clicking here.

LLF is also encouraging challenge participants to document their experiences on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #EatLocalCHS or by e-mailing agdirector@lowcountrylocalfirst.org with "Eat Local Challenge" in the subject line. At the end of the month, LLF will choose an Eat Local Challenge winner who will receive a free subscription to The Local Palate. Runner-up's will also receive prizes that have not yet been announced.

You can find more about signing up for the challenge on LLF's Eat Local Challenge registration page here.  

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