Devil brew is too much for Piggly Wiggly's palate

Image by Flickr user David SpreekmeesterImage by 20081009beer.jpg Satan Red: Fit for a king.

Belgian-brewed Satan Ale has been pulled from Piggly Wiggly shelves due to its devilish name and label, which have offended some customers.

Like many other Belgian brews this abbey-style ale uses the same recipe as other beers brewed in monasteries by monks, and appeared on local shelves last year after the state ban on high-gravity beer ban was lifted.

Customers complained at the Seaside Farms Piggly Wiggly (in Mount Pleasant) soon after it hit shelves last spring. The general manager, Bill Trull, defends his decision to pull the brew from shelves:
We're not in the business of offending anybody. If I make one sale on that six-pack and then it offends 10 other people, it definitely was not worth my investment.

But if you're bummed that it's gone from The Pig, you can still find this brew at many other Charleston carriers like: Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and several pubs downtown.

Get the scoop on the controversy City Paper.

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