The Green Door.

Hidden treasure behind the Green Door

Adjoining the ever-recognizable red storefront of Big John's Tavern on East Bay Street is the Green Door, a new restaurant opened in December 2012 by the creator of the Roti Rolls food truck Cory Burke, which serves meals as distinct as the tables off which they are enjoyed.

The confluence of uber-local delicasies mixed with a slew of extraneous foreign ingredients is only one of the many sterling and unexampled factors which set the restaurant apart from much of its heated local competition. Another is the dining style: neon green-painted doors (with a sheet of plastic to ensure a calculable surface) double as tables for patrons who frequent GD for their favorite eclectic lunch, dinner and late-night dining cravings.

Self-describing its menu to consist of choices ranging across the food spectrum -- Asian Fusion, burgers, Caribbean, Indian, Southern, Thai, vegan and Vietnamese -- GD takes mixing and matching to a new level and tacitly promises an untapped dining experience every time a visitor struts through its front doors (which are also neon green). 

To help make the picture a little more clear, consider the $12 Buddah Bowl: rice noodles, braised short ribs, and kimchi stirred into a bone marrow broth with slices of roti to sponge up the remains. Not into noodles? The $12 Green Door Burger stacks Thai chili pimento cheese, kimchi and arugula on top of a beef patty made up of short rib from MiBek Farms, chuck and brisket. 

It doesn't stop there, though. The GD is open for brunch on Sunday mornings, featuring favorites such as the $10 eggs benedict with short rib, and the $7 waffle taco topped with sambol fried chicken and goat cheese.

Check out the City Paper's full review here. For those already convined, this little gem is located at 251 East Bay St.

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