Alluette's: Soul food goes organic

There's a lot of talk going on around town about Alluette's Cafe, on Reid Street between Meeting and King, which opened in February. Run by Alluette Jones, the restaurant is basically good, solid soul food, but with a twist: They use all-organic ingredients from local farms, or, if they can't find it locally produced, they head to Whole Foods or Earth Fare for organic products. It's a pretty low-key place at the moment, but expect it to grow quickly, especially since the Food Network will be running a feature on it in July.

[gmap markers=blue::32.79192851461078,-79.93896961212158 |zoom=15 |center=32.79160382570016,-79.93738174438477 |width=470px |height=250px |control=None |type=Map]

There are several write-ups for Alluette's from various sources that you can check out, but the best way to figure out whether it's good is to give it a shot. Just look for the pink building. (I had lunch there earlier today, and the whiting was amazing.)

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